Current vacancies

At Gebr. Van Beek Group we have more than 250 employees. We are in full swing. Customers daily demand an olympic performance and to make this happen in combination with our ambitions, we are regularly looking for motivated and qualified colleagues at all levels of the company.

Open applications

We currently do not have vacancies. But we always like to get in touch with qualified and motivated people. So if you have completed training in the industry and/or do you have relevant work experience, please let us know.

Send a letter of application with your curriculum vitae by mail to our personnel officer, Mrs H. Bloem:


Food safety  

All entities involved within the Van Beek Group delivers safe eggs and egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.Read more