Gebroeders van Beek Group is an independent, family owned company. Gebroeders Van Beek B.V. started more than 80 years ago as a small-scale egg packing station and has grown into a successful combination of egg companies, which all fit within the Gebr. Van Beek Group philosophy and thus strengthen the group.


Grandfather Van Beek starts a grocery store at Nieuw Wehl in the twenties and supplies the groceries at farmers nearby. Almost every farmer has a mixed farm: pigs, cows and chickens. The farmers have too many eggs for their own consumption and grandfather Van Beek more or less trades the eggs for payment. The Van Beek family has eight sons and a daughter, of whom eventually two sons remain in the business: Theo and Fons van Beek. Uncle Thomas van Beek takes over the original grocery store and runs it along with father (Fons) van Beek, who was responsible for the packing station.

Early 1960s the intensive poultry farming arises; hens are kept in cages at more specialised companies. Led by Fons van Beek the company grows enormously and in 1973 the company is moved to Wehl. Then the company expands in Wehl, at the current location, up to four times. With Fons' sudden death in 1985-on a much too young age-the packing station has a similar size as the current packing station. We have special eggs: brown cage eggs that we sell to Italy and England. The rest of the eggs are white case eggs. Nowadays we no longer supply case eggs in Wehl.

Times are changed

The current generation has chosen a number of priorities that are important to us: working together.

  • Cooperation

Both with 'our' poultry farmers as with our customers and employees. Don't go for the short term, but focus on the long term. Give and take, to mean most to each other on the longer term. This results in many long running connections; not only with suppliers or customers, but also with our employees. We consider ourselves to be part of a production chain and not as an independent company within a production chain.

  • Quality

We aim not only on delivering a quality product, but also to look at opportunities to improve. This is something that we can do only in cooperation with all concerned parties.

  • Added value

Our aim has never been to trade as much eggs as possible. Our aim is to create as much added value around the egg as possible. This means that we process eggs or extract substances from eggs, but it also means that we get as close to the customer as possible. 

Liquid and dried egg products

These priorities over the years have led to taking over the company Bouwhuis (located at Broekland), together with a Swiss customer. Bouwhuis used to be a small egg products factory/small packing station at a village nearby Raalte. After the take over we had a new factory built in Raalte, to produce liquid egg products. In this way we were able to add value to our 'industrial eggs'. When we built the factory our dream was to one day produce egg powders. In 2001 we got that possibility by taking over Enthoven, a factory specialized in producing egg white powder and crystallised egg white. This factory was moved to Raalte in the same year and has become part of the production process. 

Meanwhile the company's name has changed into 'Bouwhuis Enthoven BV'. We break more than 50,000 tons of eggs to produce liquid and dried egg products for the food industry. The dried egg whites are traded around the world and amongst others Japan is an important sales area. Also for this factory we take priority in producing high quality products with added value.

Packing station and boiled and peeled eggs for the German market

In 2001 we completed the merger with Moos Butzen. Moos Butzen complements its packing station with a egg dyeing and egg cookery station, and a professional sales organization focused on the German chain stores as well as on trading. After this merger Moos Butzen became part of the Van Beek Group.

Added value

This merger to us meant a step in the right direction in terms of added value, because of the boiled-dyed eggs by Moos Butzen. But also because in this way we can operate directly as a German under the Germans, on the for us Dutch major market Germany. We are now in this way supplier of most German chain stores and we also take care of the sale of eggs to the German chain stores in cooperation with other Dutch packing centres.

The full Gebr. Van Beek Group now works on 5 sites (Wehl, Viersen, Wandersleben, Raalte and Landsmeer) and focuses on the delivery of eggs to the chain stores in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. In North/West-Europa the supply of egg products in liquid form; world-wide in dried form. Also in the last few years we have again grown properly, not only in sales, but also by the higher egg price-in numbers of eggs. Some 4 billion eggs are processed by our companies, generating a turnover of more than EUR 350 million. In total we have more than 250 employees. All in all that absurd numbers for a grocery store, that simply started with exchanging eggs for food and beverages.

Food safety  

All entities involved within the Van Beek Group delivers safe eggs and egg products. That is second nature to us. With the décor of our processes, we exclude infections. Our processes are validated and thus effective. In addition, our staff is continuously trained in food safety.Read more