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Connecting egg farmers with wholesalers
and the food industry with a trustworthy
source of healthy food for consumers.

About us

Since the establishment of our family company, we try to have a wholehearted role as the connection between the various links in the food chain. We do this by connecting poultry farmers with supermarkets and the food industry. Only through the strong connection of the various links in the chain can we create as much value added as possible with and for our partners around eggs. Mutual trust and good partnerships are essential for this.

Our companies

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Van Beek Trading

A partner in worldwide trading of eggs and egg products.
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Gebr. van Beek

A partner of egg farmers and wholesalers in providing fresh and animal-friendly consumption eggs.
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Competitive egg products with added value from our own transparent egg supply chain.
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Specialised in the development of health promoting products on the basis of eggs.
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Moos Butzen

Specialized in the sale of fresh, cooked and painted eggs.
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Kempische Eierhandel

A partner for egg farmers and wholesalers in providing fresh and animal-friendly eggs in Belgium
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Liquid egg products by Cocovite, powdered eggs by Pulviver, consumer eggs by Kempische Eierhandel and its own branded egg with Ovyta.

Corporate Social Responsibility


As a family company we do not think in quarters, but in years, maybe even in generations. Our feeling of responsibility reaches far into the future. We want a company that operates sustainably and does good for all our stakeholders. For our employees, but also for the family companies that supply us, our customers and our environment.


Van Beek Group is a family company through and through. You can notice this from the informal atmosphere, the entrepreneurship and charting our own course together with our partners focused on the longer term.


Van Beek Group

Raphaëlstraat 6, 7031 BA Wehl
PO Box 31, 7030 AA Wehl
The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0) 314 69 51 11