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Since the establishment of our family company, we try to have a wholehearted role as the connection between the various links in the food chain. We do this by connecting poultry farmers with supermarkets and the food industry. Only through the strong connection of the various links in the chain can we create as much value added as possible with and for our partners around eggs. Mutual trust and good partnerships are essential for this.


To develop new applications for eggs and create new products, we try to improve our market position both in our current and new markets. For this, it is key to guarantee security around sales and deliveries from our poultry farmers, which are often family companies, to our customers. The welfare of people, animals and the environment takes an important place. The Van Beek Group has as a goal, now and in the future, to produce eggs and egg products in a responsible way and to continuously improve this process. With that, we would like to continue to contribute to making the society that we operate in more sustainable.


The Van Beek Group strives for operational excellence; the arrangement and maintenance of an efficient production process, where continuous improvement of the work processes, services and products are fundamental. Interaction with customers is an important part of this: we can use their feedback and input this into the development of new products that are an added value for customers. We will also consider possible acquisitions if this benefits the strength of  the group.

Key values





Our stakeholders

We place great value on involving our stakeholders in the societal challenges which we face as the Van Beek Group. Not only working with them daily, but also meeting with them periodically to gather concrete input that we use to sharpen our CSR strategy.  We make a distinction between primary and secondary stakeholders. The primary stakeholders are the ones that are directly before or after us in the supply chain and have a direct influence on us. The secondary stakeholders are the ones that are further away in the supply chain or are external parties that influence the poultry sector and therefore our company.