Eggciting news!

We develop Eggciting and revolutionary devices to prepare your fresh meals and especially your eggs in one minute.

The two leading patented products are the Scrambled Eggcheff® and the Eggcheff® Cooker.

With the two devices there will be a new way to prepare your boiled and scrambled eggs freshly in a minute and extremely energy efficient comparing to the current methods. Enabling new breakfast and snack possibilities for foodservice markets. Aiming at getting a more fresh, better tasting and more convenient breakfast at the coffee shops, hotels, quick service restaurant and on-the-go.

Uses ventless cooking, without the need of expensive staff, not wasting any more energy as needed and serving a healthy protein rich breakfast or snack. Over 10 years of research have led to this new device and Eggciting is proud to bring it to market.