Ellen Bonen


“Food Safety is tremendously important. As a company we are certified by several quality systems which guarantee food safety. All our products are tested microbiologically in order to ensure that we can deliver safe products. Customers come to visit us to see how our products are made so that they are sure that they will receive a safe product. Beside this there are many questions from customers that we try our best to answer and also to show the way we work. From these visits and questions we always check the possibilities to improve, as we always strive for progress in order to keep high quality standards. We also ask our own employees to think with us on how to improve, not only in the area of food safety but also in the area of working conditions and efficiency for example.
The favourite part of my job is the variations. Every day is different. In addition, it is always nice if customers are satisfied with the information that we offer and give their feedback. If we receive points of improvement from customer visits and (internal) audits, we look together with colleagues how we can implement this best. Collaboration is key for this.”

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