Julia Caspers


“Every six weeks around 10 Young Professionals and our CEO Ronald Van Beek get together. For this meeting we read a selection of management books and we discuss the applicability within the Van Beek Group. The value of the YP-group is the interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. The group is composed of participants from different functions and out of various locations. This gives us the chance to consider situations from different perspectives and to discuss them. With this I can also build a personal and trusting relationship with my colleagues. The group also gives me the opportunity to reflect on myself and my career, which is really useful.
The management theory that we learn, in combination with discussions about the Van Beek Group, means that we can use the input from the YP-group in our daily tasks and our activities. The fact that the group is led by the director of the Van Beek Group makes the added value even greater.”

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