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Merger of the Lodewijckx Group with the Van Beek Group

With this letter we would like to inform you that the two family owned companies, the Lodewijckx Group and the Van Beek Group, will join forces and have formalised a merger on 20-12-2019.
With this merger the Lodewijckx group gains the possibility to continue growing to the next phase and the Van Beek Group gains access to new markets.

The Lodewijckx Group is a family owned company that has grown into a prominent supplier of high quality eggs and egg products. This includes the brands Cocovite (liquid egg products), Pulviver (egg powders) and packed eggs for consumption from the company Euro Ei with the Ovyta brand.
Over the past few years, the Lodewijckx Group has been specialising in and has built a strong position in the growing foodservice market in North West Europe and the Belgian retail market. The Lodewijckx Group has developed innovative products in small pack sizes for the food service market, including long shelf life egg white, scrambled egg, and pancake mixes.

The Van Beek Group is an independent family owned company with a 100 year history, composed of a combination of specialised companies making fresh eggs and egg products. The components of the Van Beek Group are; the company Bouwhuis Enthoven, a worldwide player in egg products; the companies Moos Butzen (DE); Drei Gleichen Ei (DE) and Gebr van Beek (NL) for packed fresh, cooked and painted eggs; and the company Newtricious for Egg & Protein research and applications for health.
The Van Beek Group is specialised in a complete assortment for the retail market as well as functional egg products which are complementary to the Lodewijckx group. These include pharmaceutical lysozyme, specialised products such as egg white isolate for sport nutrition manufactures in order to improve the texture of sport bars and specialised egg white products for vegetarian products.

The specialisation of the Lodewijckx group in the foodservice market with their unique products in small pack sizes and the strong position in the Belgian retail market are entirely complimentary to the Van Beek Group and go together with the international character of the company. Therefore this offers its customers an expanded portfolio, more possibilities for customer specific products and the further development of new market segments. In addition there is a larger base for innovation and research possibilities.

Mr. Guy and Bert Lodewyckx will remain active at the Lodwijckx Group, whereby the daily management of the company remains in the hand of Mr. Bert Lodewyckx. The Lodewijckx Group will keep its individuality and own identity within the Van Beek Group.


With warm regards,

Ronald van Beek
Van Beek Group

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