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Animal welfare

The Van Beek Group highly values animal welfare. In the last years we have taken many steps in several areas to improve animal welfare and we will continue to build on this in the coming years. From an intrinsic motivation but also because society requests it. In order to give more attention to this issue, an employee has been appointed who is specialised in animal welfare and together with our poultry farmers searches for ways to improve animal welfare.

Investing in animal friendly housing systems (Beter Leven Keurmerk & Tierschutz)

An Animal Welfare Officer that supports the farmers.


We are aware of the impact that we and our poultry farmers have on the environment and see it as our responsibility to practice a proactive policy. We do this in collaboration with our poultry farmers and other important stakeholders, but we also make our internal processes more sustainable.

To make egg production more sustainable together with our egg farmers.

Reducing gas and energy use

Reducing fuel emissions

Installing solar panels

Implementing an energy neutral refrigerated warehouse

People and Organisation

We highly value a respectful relationship with our partners. Transparency and open communication with our suppliers and customers are essential. Anyone who suspects possible wrongdoings can contact us. Furthermore, we would like to guarantee for our employees a pleasant workplace for now and in the future where, besides primary and secondary working conditions, personal development is a priority. The appreciation and respect towards our employees is in line with the ETI Base Code.

Transparent communication

Employment opportunities

Health & Safety

Training opportunities

CSR Annual Report

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