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Company Profile

The Van Beek Group is a Dutch family company that supplies fresh eggs and egg products. The origin of the company is from 1923 when Grandpa Van Beek went to the farmers with his horse and wagon to exchange food products for eggs. Nowadays the Van Beek Group consists of seven specialised companies, each with  their own expertise. Despite its growth in size, the Van Beek Group is still a proud  and independent family company, where the third generation is currently at the  helm and the fourth generation is actively working in the company.

Company activities and products

The Van Beek Group consists of six specialised companies that supplies fresh eggs and egg products in the Netherlands and Germany.


In our packing stations eggs are sorted, quality is checked and they are packed for supermarkets where they are sold as table eggs. The eggs come from contracted poultry farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The German packing stations are also egg painting factories where eggs are boiled and painted the whole year around.


Bouwhuis Enthoven is specialised in the production of liquid and dried egg products for the food industry and  the pharmaceutical industry.

Lodewijckx NV specializes in the production of both table eggs and egg products and has been part of the Van Beek Group since December 2019.


Van Beek Trading is active worldwide in the trading of eggs and egg products with traders and wholesalers. Through Trading we acquire valuable information such as trends on the world markets.  Thanks to this, we can react on time when it is necessary.


Newtricious R&D is specialised in the development of egg-based health products. These products aim to promote the health in humans and animals. Newtricious works on a global scale closely with universities and hospitals to stimulate the development process. The products are sold often through (online) retailers, specialised in health products.